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 Revisions to the Revised  Water Restrictions

  • Landscape watering with sprinklers or irrigation systems is limited to one day every other week on an alternating schedule as follows: 

    • Even numbered addresses (last digit 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8) every other Tuesday, beginning July 1, 2014

    • Odd numbered addresses (last digit 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9) every other Thursday, beginning July 3, 2014

    • Common areas and medians every other Wednesday, beginning July 2, 2014 

  • Water use via hose with an end cut-off for washing, rinsing or other maintenance purposes is allowed on any day. 

  • Foundations, shrubs, trees and turf grass may be watered for up to two hours on any day by a hand-held hose, a soaker hose or a dedicated zone using a drip irrigation system. 

  • Public athletic fields which are in use for competition at least once per week may be watered as needed. 

  • Golf courses may water greens and tee boxes as needed.

  • Power washing any paved surface is permitted. 

  • A property that uses an alternate source of water supply for irrigation, other than treated water from the city, may irrigate without restrictions. 

  • Newly constructed pools, Jacuzzis, and spas may be filled. 

  • Pools, Jacuzzis and spas may be drained and refilled after repairs only after a variance is issued by the Water Utilities and Infrastructure Director. 

  • Existing pools, Jacuzzis and spas may be replenished to maintain operational levels. 

  • Commercial car wash facilities including service stations and automobile dealerships are permitted to operate. 

  • Commercial nurseries may water inventory as needed. 

  • ET / Smart irrigation systems as defined in Chapter 110, Article VIII, “Landscape Water Management,” shall comply with the first bullet point above. 

  • Water use during any period of precipitation is prohibited. 

  • Using water in such a manner as to allow excessive runoff or other waste is prohibited. 

  • Landscape watering under the first bullet point above is prohibited between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. from April 1 through October 31. 

  • Hydro seeding, hydro mulching and sprigging are prohibited. 

  • Wholesale customers shall implement similar procedures, including the prohibition of the operation of all ornamental fountains or other amenity impoundments to the extent they use treated water. 

    Report a Violation
    To report a water violation, please call the water restriction hotline at 972-439-1059 or report a water restriction violation online. If you are contacting us by phone, we must have the following information to investigate the violation:                     

  • Exact address of the location you are reporting

  • Date of the water violation

  • Time of day the violation occurred

  • Your name and phone number so we may contact you if additional information is needed.

    Violating the Revised Stage 3 water restrictions could result in a penalty. Penalties will be delivered through your regular water bill. Failure to pay the penalties can result in the water to your home or business being shut off. Please call 972-439-1059 for questions regarding water violation penalties. 

  • First penalty - Warning

  • Second penalty - $50

  • Third and subsequent - $100

  • Fourth and subsequent - $150 

Find more information about City of McKinney water programs under Water / Waste Water or call 972-547-7360




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